Indiana University Bloomington

Sarah Bauerle Danzman

Assistant Professor, Department of International Studies

Stephanie DeBoer

Office: GISB 1013
E-mail address:

Research Interests
International political economy; Multinational firms as global political actors; International financial liberalization, crises and the politics of adjustment

Area Involvement
Prof. Bauerle Danzman is currently working on a book manuscript that considers the conditions under which domestic firms will support policies of openness toward foreign direct investment. The manuscript develops a theoretical argument that emphasizes the importance of the local and global financing environment as structuring firms’ positions toward liberalization. Her research uses a mixture of large N quantitative analysis and comparative case studies to evaluate support for this theory.

Prof. Bauerle Danzman is also developing a research project that considers how the networked structure of globalized fragmented production and financing networks affects the political power of multinational firms vis-a-vis states, governance institutions, and societal actors. She will present initial findings from the project at the International Studies Association’s annual conference this spring. She is also co-hosting a conference on this topic at Princeton University’s Niehaus Center for Globalization and Governance in the fall of 2016.

In addition to these two large research projects Prof. Bauerle Danzman has on-going projects, some of which with co-authors, related to international investment treaties and arbitration, public opinion over foreign direct investment, and how network structures influence patterns of economic booms and crises globally.

Selected Publications

  • 2015. “This is why you shouldn’t blame China for the havoc in the markets.” Washington Post’s Monkey Cage Blog. 8/27/15. With William Kindred Winecoff.
  • 2013. “The Political Economy of Global Finance: A Network Model,” Perspective on Politics. 11(10) 131-151. With Thomas Oatley, William Kindred Winecoff, and Andrew Pennock.
  • 2013. “Why U.S. Financial Hegemony will Endure.” Symposium Magazine. With William Kindred Winecoff.